Our Company

Are you a listed company?

With the completion of the tender offer by CK Holdings Co., Ltd. that took place from February 22 to March 22, 2017, CK Holdings is now our company’s major shareholder with more than 90% of our shares. We have become a full subsidiary of CK Holdings, and have been delisted from the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange as of May 8, 2017.

How was Marelli established?

2 May, 2019 CK Holdings Co., Ltd., a holding company of Calsonic Kansei Corporation, have acquired Magneti Marelli S.p.A. from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V. (“FCA”) (NYSE: FCAU/MTA: FCA).
The combined business operates under the entity “Magneti Marelli CK Holdings Co., Ltd.”
The completion of the transaction is a key milestone in creating a leading global independent automotive supplier.
10 May, 2019 Calsonic Kansei and Magneti Marelli united under one worldwide brand – MARELLI. The move to a single brand name is an important step in the integration of the two companies and positions MARELLI to compete even more effectively on a global scale. MARELLI operates 170 facilities and R&D centers across Europe, North America, South America and Asia Pacific.
1 October, 2019 Calsonic Kansei changed its company name to Marelli Corporation. Magneti Marelli changed its name to Marelli Europe.

Logo and Company Name

What is the design concept for Marelli’s company logo?

The new logo pays homage to the long history of innovation and manufacturing excellence that has brought success to the company and its customers, by incorporating the corporate colours from Calsonic Kansei (light blue) and Magneti Marelli (dark blue). The logo is formed of two geometric shapes which symbolize the company’s engineering precision and technological know-how. In addition, the two shapes are upward-pointing arrows signifying progress and the future, while their union signifies the combination of two powerful companies coming together as partners in a collaborative spirit.

Can I use your company logo?

No, we do not allow general customers to use our company logo.


How can I inquire about Marelli (former Calsonic Kansei) products installed on my car?

We mainly provide our products to companies (as OEM products), and our products are installed as a part of their vehicles.
Please contact the car dealer where you bought your vehicle for product specifications and after-sales service. We are not able to answer questions about Calsonic Kansei products that have been installed on vehicles. In addition, please be aware that we do not sell directly to vehicle repair shops.
For service parts, please see below. Please note that the products are only available in Japan.

How can I purchase service parts?

You can purchase service parts through CK Sales Co., Ltd.
Please note that the products are only available in Japan.
CK Sales Co., Ltd.
www.calsonic.jp (Japanese-language site only).
2-1917 Nisshin-cho, Kita-ku, Saitama-city, Saitama, JAPAN 331-8501


Why did Marelli (former Calsonic Kansei) start sponsoring motor sports?

We use the harsh environment of motorsports as an opportunity to develop our products. Motorsports also make more people aware of us as a comprehensive automotive parts manufacturer. Therefore, in 1982, we decided to sponsor a race driver, Kazuyoshi Hoshino, called “the fastest man in Japan,” and competed in Group 5 with a race car named the “Nichira Impul Nissan Silvia Turbo”.

Does Marelli (former Calsonic Kansei) sponsor any race cars at events other than the Super GT races?

Currently, we do not sponsor any race cars except GT500 in the Super GT series. For the race schedule, please see the Motorsports page on our website (Japanese-language site only).

What is the schedule for races involving Marelli (former Calsonic Kansei)?

For the race schedule, please see the Motorsports page on our website (Japanese-language site only).

When did you become an official supplier for the McLaren Formula1 Team?

We signed the contract with McLaren Technology Group in March 2016.

Which products do you supply to McLaren Formula1 Team?

We supply several heat exchange parts to McLaren Formula1 Team.


How do you select your suppliers?

We select suppliers by comprehensively considering if they can meet our requirements for Q (quality), C (cost), D (delivery), D (development), and M (management) and if they can establish stable business relations.

How can we start a new business with you?

Please send us your proposal that objectively shows your company’s strengths and advantages. We will start business with you if we assess that your company is able to offer business we require.
We conduct global procurement for automotive parts. Please take a look at our website to be sure you fully understand our business and parts we handle and provide us a competitive proposal. You can contact us using the form below.

Do you carry out due diligence?

We are currently implementing due diligence for our Japanese suppliers. We are also preparing to implement this globally in the future. We will contact the suppliers that will be subject to this.

For questions other than those stated above.

For questions other than those stated above, please contact us using the form given below.