Handling of Personal Information

1. Legal Compliance

Marelli properly handles personal data in compliance with personal information (including specific personal information) protection laws, and related government/ministry ordinance and other pertinent guidelines.

2. Establishment of System to Protect Personal Information

Marelli lets its officers and employees recognize the importance of protecting personal information, and establishes a system to protect personal information in an appropriate manner.

3. Acquisition, Use and Supply, etc. of Personal Information

Marelli sets internal rules and regulations concerning the acquisition, use and supply, etc. of personal information, and based on them, handles personal information appropriately.

(1) Acquisition of Personal Information
Marelli acquires only personal information that the relevant party has voluntarily provided to Marelli based on such party’s free will, unless otherwise excepted.

(2) Use and Supply of Personal Information
Marelli uses the personal information of the relevant party in replying to queries, requests and applications, performing contracts entered between such party and Marelli, and providing such party with useful information in connection with products, services or other items.
The personal information the relevant party has provided will be used only for the purpose of its use as agreed with such party, unless otherwise authorized under the applicable laws and regulations.
A personal number (i.e., My Number) or any personal information containing such personal number therein (i.e., specific personal information) will use only for the purpose authorized under the “Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures.

4. Security Control Measures

To ensure the accuracy and security of personal information, Marelli takes data/information security and control measures, thereby striving to prevent unauthorized access to personal information or prevent loss, destruction, falsification and leak of personal information. Further, Marelli properly supervises as required its employees and contractors (including subcontractors and others) involved in the handling of personal data. The security and control measures of personal data are specifically provided separately in internal regulations such as the “Regulations for Personal Data Management.”

5. Respect for Individual Users'/Customers' Rights to Information

Respecting individual users'/customers' rights to information regarding personal information, Marelli will comply with requests from individual users/customers or their agents involved for disclosure of such individuals’ personal information, amendment, addition or deletion and erasing of the content of such individuals’ personal information, and suspension of information supply to third parties, without delay in accordance with the provisions of relevant laws.

6. Point of Contact for Inquiries

If you have any questions or complaints in connection with the handling of personal data by Marelli, please get in touch with the following contact point.

Protection of Personal Information on Links

We are not liable for the security of personal information on any website that is linked to this website. To protect your personal information on links, please confirm the privacy policy for the link your access.

[Point of Contact for Inquiries regarding Personal Information]

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Established on June 14, 2005

Amended on May 30, 2017