Hiroshi Moriya


As the automotive industry faces a once-in-a-century period of major change, this year Calsonic Kansei celebrates the 80th anniversary of its founding. The Japanese character for “love” is formed of the characters for “receive” and “spirit.” Considerate communication in both directions—that is, both the give and take of love—is the bridge that has sustained our company’s 80-year history and will continue to sustain it in the future. Let us embark on the challenge of further growth via considerate communication with all our stakeholders.

Calsonic Kansei Corporation
Executive chairman
Hiroshi Moriya

Beda Bolzenius


In the year 2018, Calsonic Kansei will mark its 80th anniversary. We are very much grateful to celebrate this memorable year, and sincerely appreciate all our stakeholders’ remarkable support over past years. I am extremely honored to join the company in this year of historical milestone.

By reinforcing our Monozukuri DNA, generated over our 80-year history, we will grow the company into a truly global one. With our strengthened “DNA for the Future”, we will open the first page of the new chapter of Calsonic Kansei.

Calsonic Kansei Corporation
Beda Bolzenius


  • Yuuki Mandokoro

    Calsonic Kansei Corpoation Gunma PlantYuuki Mandokoro

  • Tatsuya Hayama

    Calsonic Kansei Corpoation Oppama PlantTatsuya Hayama

  • Miyuki Moriya

    Calsonic Kansei Corpoation Yoshimi PlantMiyuki Moriya

  • Tae Yokoo

    Calsonic Kansei Corpoation Kodama PlantTae Yokoo

  • Anastasia Umanets

    Calsonic Kansei North America Inc.Anastasia Umanets

  • Mike Turner

    Calsonic Kansei Mexicana,S.A. de C.V.Mike Turner

  • Amanda Parry

    Calsonic Kansei Europe plc.Amanda Parry

  • Takako Hirtzig

    Calsonic Kansei Europe plc.Takako Hirtzig

  • Miao Ke Luan

    Calsonic Kansei China Holding CompanyMiao Ke Luan

  • Lin Lin

    Calsonic Kansei China Holding CompanyLin Lin

  • Isao Shoji

    Calsonic Kansei (Thailand)Co.,LimitedIsao Shoji

  • Sonny Nizam Bin Ahmad

    Calsonic Kansei (Malaysia) Sdn.Bhd.Sonny Nizam Bin Ahmad